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Capital Africa is a world class international workforce skills supplier to the Oil and Gas Industries. We successfully place the workforce in these highly skilled trades. With a current database of more than 120 000 skilled employees, Capital can mobilize certified and qualified assignees at short notice whether it is small or large projects and in urban or rural areas.

The Oil and Gas sector begins with exploration and finishes with the product that is used in everyday life. Exploration is done both on land and on the sea bed where potential deposits are identified and a drilling program is done to check the possibility of the field. Once a viable field is found, drilling operators are appointed to drill into the seams of deposit in order to tap the resource.

Companies who specialise in building infrastructure both below the ocean and on land are appointed to develop the field. The product is often put into a refinery which can either be at the top of the umbilical that stretches down to the ocean floor or it is Onshore and fed through pipelines or crude tankers. The refinery is built to deal with a specialised product, an oil refinery will not be the same as an LNG processing plant. The refinery, put simply, is a large network of pipes and equipment that is used to take clean, raw stock into a final product. This stored product is then distributed through road rail or sea networks around the world.

Capital has been involved in all of the above areas with the strongest expertise lying in the supply of services to Rigs and EPC contracts, building the refineries. Capital is legally compliant in all countries of operation and can support any client requirements with diligence. 

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