Workforce optimisation 

Capital recruits the employees required by our clients, whether these are local or foreign workers. We then mobilise the staff, induct them into your operations, manage their employment and take care of their health and safety and all significant issues relating to them. We create and manage the employment contracts, ensuring that they adhere to local requirements.

We also manage the collation of hours worked, ensuring the information is correct and that the employee gets paid accurately and on time into a bank account through a seamless automated process.

Our team manage the employees against their contracts and your expectations, particularly pertaining to IR and HR issues, and demobilise the employees where required. Capital takes responsibility for these onerous activities enabling you to focus on their more critical profit generating activities.

We place agents at each employer site to make sure that our processes, your requirements, employee issues, local conditions and laws are understood and adhered to. The site agent is available for questions or queries from you or the employees at any time. This ensures that issues are resolved quickly and the employees’ performances are optimised.

Site agents will ensure that employees know what is expected of them. They monitor their performance, attendance and arrange suitable replacements if required. The site agents are actively involved with and live on site with the employees. They make sure the workforce are satisfied and productive, thereby minimising industrial actions and strikes.

Site HR rules such as rates of pay, hours of work and benefits, are always understood and adhered to by all stakeholders. This includes clients, workers, trade unions, community and appropriate government departments (Labour/ Immigration/ Tax and so on). Our Site Agents do not interfere with work assignments, job-related activities or the management of employees.

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