What makes us who we are 

Our African expertise

Capital has been operating in Africa for the past 16 years and has offices in 23 countries. We understand the complexities of Africa, and run our workforces successfully and productively, which in turn improves customer profitability.

We pride ourselves in sourcing appropriate staff and developing these people to perform to the standard required of them.


Our management team

Our management is highly skilled and experienced in the challenges of Africa. Most of the team have been involved in the African expansion since we first ventured into continent 16 years ago. 

By leveraging our experience, we can help all of our national and international clients who are attempting to establish a footprint and run successful operations in Africa. While it isn’t always easy, we are aware of the challenges and are confident in our ability to work in remote locations in partnership with our customers to overcome them. 


We are adept at dealing with the challenges of Africa

Africa is a vast continent and each country has different cultures, legislation, statutory compliance and its own idiosyncrasies. Infrastructure is poor, travel is slow and living costs are expensive and generally not in accordance to home comforts. Local skills are essential but limited. Being able to work successfully in Africa requires special skills and special people. Capital has these people and the skills to find solutions to these obstacles.

Welcome to Capital Africa


A pan-African workforce solutions business

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